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Wendolyn's Bio 

Hi Everyone.  I have been into Holistic Medicine since before it was even called that!


 My journey with herbs began forty years ago with the school of Phytology in the UK. Shipping materials overseas pre Google or email was cumbersome.  Modern technology is great!  Fifteen years later I picked my studies back up again and enrolled with Emerson College out of Toronto, Ontario.  I also studied Iridology and Nutrition and opened up shop in Port Hope in 1994.


I had also worked for a Canadian beauty company called 'Colours', spending six years travelling around the world teaching cosmetics and natural beauty. It was a great adventure and is why the Apothecary also offers beauty products that are green and clean.


During the last twenty  years or so I became enamoured with Lightwork or Energy Medicine and have continued to work as a Holistic Healer for many years in Warkworth ON.  Recently I joined a school online called The Herbal Academy of New England and decided to update my herbal training in Advanced Herbalism.

My medicine bag is full of different healing therapies and years of experience with so many people who have all gifted me with their unique piece towards the understanding of how healing works.  I am ever so grateful to all for the assistance.    


If you come to my Apothecary you will find bottles filled with weird looking herbs, earthy smells, bowls, beeswax, herbs stewing in oils and may catch me in one of my many aprons brewing and compounding my medicines. All I can say is 'I love my work!



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