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It can be difficult to determine what colours look good with each other and then what colours look good on you.

Colour choices come down to three things, if the colour is warm or cool, the level of intensity of said colour and what is your skin tone is best suited to.


After that is a matter of taste.  Does one like the natural look or barely there look, the smoldering mysterious look,  the bright and bold look, the day  look or the night look.  All of these looks can be achieved within the warm and cool bands of colour.


How to wear makeup is an art that can be learned.  A basic makeup can be applied in five to ten minutes daily, once you get the hang of it.  


Basic Makeup








Factors that need to be considered are:


*skin type (dry or oily etc.


*shape of the eye (changing as we age)

*consistency of skin tone (blotchy or uneven colour)

*shape of lips

*face shape 

*skin tone itself (may change colour choices)

Here are some links to makeup application you may find helpful:

UTube Easy everyday makeup by Eman




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