Energy Healing/Light Work

Think of how many times in a day you may need to stuff down your feelings; anger towards your boss, hurt feelings with your spouse, or worries about your children or finances, over time these stuck feelings can cause depression and a myriad of physical ailments. Energy work helps clear this stuck energy and people often feel a sense of lightness, clarity and peace after a session. 


Your mental state of mind also holds sway.  If one continually thinks about something painful they are constantly triggering the emotional body to respond. If you are watching a war movie your mind knows it is not real and passes that information to your body and emotions so you do not overreact.   However in a normal day if the mind is constantly thinking of stressful 'what ifs' the body and emotions will experience the 'what ifs' as if they are happening in real time.  So the thought patterns of erroneous or negative thinking must also be dealt with and shifted into healthy thought habits.

Let’s go through a healing session.


First we will have some tea, relax and have a conversation about your concerns.    


Next you on the massage table resting comfortably, all snuggled in and warm.  


At the beginning of the session we will  set our intention to focus in on the energies that need healing. So, for example if you are suffering from a pain in the stomach, all of the issues connected will come up for expression.  You may feel anger, fear or grief and may remember  events that contributed to this pain.  All of this must clear and as it does, you will feel lighter and a sense of relief.  


People report different sensations such as heaviness, pressure, lightness, emotional feelings, colours swirling, pictures of events in this life and others gone before.  All will react differently based on their specific temperament.


It takes courage to confront one’s pain, but if you think about it for a minute, you have been carrying it around with you every day anyway. Why not deal with it head on in a safe, loving, supportive environment.

Energy Session is $90.00 





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