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How does the Apothecary work?

The Herbal Apothecary works as a dispensary.  This involves personal contact between you and me to determine what your herbal needs may be.  If you are looking for a specific herb simply give me call or email so we can a chat  to discuss if this is the correct herbal choice for you and determine what form of administration it should be taken as, be it in tea form, pill, salve or tincture.  At no extra charge.  This ensures your safety as well because any medications you are on or health conditions will be taken into account. 


The Apothecary has a wide selection of herbs available to you that are organic or wild crafted and have been responsibly sourced. 


Simply, give me a call or send an email.



How to choose Herbal products?

All herbal products are not created equal.  To ensure the herbs are free of harmful chemicals buying organic or wildcrafted herbal sources is key.  The next factor is how the herbs are harvested, stored and what extraction methods are used to produce tinctures for example.  Not all herbs are used whole some are used for their roots, some the bark or some the flowers all of this requires expertise on the production end.    To ensure quality control  I have developed relationships with companies who use organic or wildcrafted herbs and are as local as I can find.    

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