Pure Anada

   Organic Skin Care

Gently removes dirt, excess oils and makeup. Use twice daily.

Calming Cleanser

Whisk away makeup and oils with this creamy, natural cleanser.

If you are in love with lavender, this will soon become your favorite skin cleanser!  Good for all skin types.

Gentle Cleanser

Gently remove makeup and oils with this gentle cream cleanser. Sensitive individuals will appreciate our choice of scent-free botanical ingredients.  Good for all skin types!


 Hydrating facial mists which infuse moisturer into the skin cells with aloe and plant hydrosols.   

Hydrating Toner

Nourish your skin with sea minerals and nutrients! This properly pH balanced toner will close pores, adjust the pH of your skin, and remove any remaining cleanser. It is a Pure Anada “MUST HAVE” product, since it is so versatile and almost essential for applying mineral foundation. The hyaluronic acid in the formula helps to plump and hydrate skin cells, without leaving an oily residue.  Good for all skin types!

Garden Facial Mist
Enjoy the nostalgic aroma of neroli and rose hydrosols. Spray Garden facial spray on your skin to sooth, hydrate and refresh. Great for all skin types. Spray directly onto your face (or body), after cleansing and before applying mineral makeup.

Moisturizing your skin means to infuse with with oil.

Green Tea & Grapeseed

Hydrate your skin with lightweight, delicate ingredients. Grapeseed oil is a natural astringent that helps to firm pores and tighten skin tone. Cucumber is soothing, while green tea combats free radicals with its anti-oxidant properties. Normal to oily skin types.

Daily Moisturizer
Hydrate your skin with this lightweight scent free lotion. Sensitive individuals will appreciate our minimal choice of naturally scent-free ingredients.  Senstive skin type and could be used as a light day cream by normal skin type.
Revive Moisturizing Serum

A luxurious anti-aging serum formulated with intense Co-Enzyme Q-10 anti-oxidants, and cell-plumping Hyaluronic Acid. Olivem®1000 Crystal Skin Technology combines lightweight Sunflower Oil with fresh citrus hydrosols to bring you a deep tissue hydrating, and firming treatment.  Aging and Dry skin types.

Berry & Bouquet Cream

This moisture intensive cream will hydrate and plump your skin cells with organic shea butter, and argan oil. Strawberry fruit tones and tightens pores, while hibiscus extract reverses the signs of aging. Dry and Aging skin types.

Awake Eye Gel
Pure Anada AWAKE Eye Gel is a multi-peptide formula which contains ingredients that have been clinically proven to reduce existing facial wrinkles and puffy eyes. It’s a non-greasy, aloe based formula that does not interfere with makeup application.  Aloe Vera for tightening of the fine eye lines...Works great as a little  eye lift! 
Marigold Eye Cream

Marigold oil helps reduce puffy, dark circles under the eyes as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines naturally.  

Deep Rejuvenation Cream 

This cream is for dry and mature skin.  It has a higher oil to water ratio for deep moisturizing.  The standard blend is great on it own or if you wish an additional essential oil added or need a  customized blend for your skin simply contact me at wendy@herbalapothecary.ca and let me know what your preferences are.  No extra cost!

Bergamot & Lavender  Hand & Foot Cream   $15.00
Refreshing Citrus cream specifically formulated for  cracked dry skin, elbows, hands, feet & knees.
Peppermint Hand & Foot Cream
A rich, stimulating cream made for cracked rough hands, feet and elbows. My husband swears by it! 

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