St.Francis Herb Farm:  The Source of Our Herbs

In the early years, St. Francis Herb Farm® grew many of the herbs used in production right on site near the tiny rural hamlet of Cormac, Ontario. This gave us a firsthand, practical appreciation of the importance of properly grown and harvested raw herbs as the foundation for a quality finished product.

Actually, St. Francis Herb Farm® was one of the first herbal companies to use exclusively certified organic, organically grown, and wildcrafted herbs. This remains our policy to this day. Presently, while we do not grow our own herbs anymore, our commitment to sourcing the finest and highest quality raw materials has remained unwavering. All of our herbs are imported or purchased from certified organic growers, or from conscientious wildcrafters who harvest herbs naturally occurring in the unspoiled and unpolluted “wilds” of the Canadian countryside. When we source our herbs, we support and encourage both agricultural sustainability and fair trade practices.

All our growers and suppliers are expected to meet rigorous criteria. These cover harvesting techniques, proper plant species and parts, soil conditions, and drying and storage procedures. Herbs from new and unproven sources are sampled first, examined for their proper species identification, composition, texture, colour, aroma, and tested for a range of possible contaminants.

St. Francis Herb Farm® uses only whole herb—fresh or carefully dried—identified and processed according to the most rigid GMP standards. Top quality ingredients make for top quality products.

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